1. Why is BizVal different compared to competition?

The tool is designed by Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs. Of course it includes all the financial algorithms to budget Profit&Loss accounts, Balance Sheets, Cash Flow Statements and subsequent business valuations up to 8 years. But on top of this, the differentiator is that it also provides reasonableness checks of your budgeting assumptions based on entrepreneurial questionnaires. The back up of your budget is therefore much stronger.

2. What is the purpose of BizVal?

What it does: budgets from 3 up to 8 years (Profit Loss, Balance-sheet and Cash flow statement); management graphs illustrating the business trends; dynamic valuation of the business throughout the period, indicating the best time for a disposal; exports to compare  scenarios and decide accordingly
What it does not: short term cash optimization.

3. What is the logic guiding BizVal?

SMEs generally sell under their real market value, for lack of a good preparation of the transfer. Fight statistics and get the full reward of your work by chasing the business improvements, prioritising those significant and easy to implement (= low hanging fruits). The disposal price of the business will reward your efforts significantly. BizVal guides you all through the process.

4. What is a Company worth?

The answer is both complex and simple at the same time.

•  Complex because if you read the literature about Transfer you will see over 90 methods which may apply for a valuation;
•  And simple too : let’s be practical : for a businessman like you and me, a business is worth the profit or cash flow that it will bring back in the next 5 to 8 years depending on its level of risk. BizVal uses 8 methods among the most accepted by the valuation professionals, thus, providing the reasonable bracket for a negotiation;
•  Keep in mind that value and price are two different things, the latter being impacted by psychological elements which you should anticipate for optimisation.

5. Statistically, large companies are sold for over 10 times their annual profit, SMEs 7 times only; why?

A fact is that shares listed on stock markets are more liquid than those of a SME. But most importantly, the experience is that SME owners do not prepare the transfer of their business soon enough. A major relevant action to be part of the winners is to prepare seriously. BizVal guides you all through the process.

6. Should I use BizVal on my own or involve other people?

Most SME Owners « do not know what they ignore ». The joke means that besides the weaknesses which you know already, many others exist which you did not acknowledge for lack of comparisons, best practices, and relevant constructive critical comments. Do not see the diagnosis as a lonesome exercise, better do it with a SME expert which you trust (pair, mentor, SME consultant). BizVal guides you all through the process.

7. What time do I need to post my actual and budgeting data in the software?

Posting your data will take no more than 20 minutes if you are clear with your business assumptions. If such is not the case, the tool includes an exclusive functionality to check their reasonableness based on business questionnaires; use them at least for the elements which impact on volume and profitability are the most significant.