SMEs Budgeting and Valuation Software

Designed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs

A cost-effective tool designed by Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs, with
functionalities that no competitive solution offers (Budgeting from 3 up to 8 years,
Reasonableness check of the budgeting assumptions, Graphs illustrating the
trends of the business, Dynamic valuation of the business all through the period)

John Birthwall
Former Manager, VANS Lt

I used BizVal as a tool to dispose my business with a maximum value. It forced me to structure the project and helped in differentiating the key items. I eventually sold my business for € 690 thousands where € 500 thousands was the best offer so far.

Michael Ooms
Manager/Owner INTERTEK RDC

The expertise of the BIZVAL approach combined with our industry knowledge resulted in a disposal price beyond our initial expectations. We certainly recommend the tool for any business transfer.

Fanou Christensen

BizVal structured my prepation as a business seller, clearly showed what improvements had the best returns, and provided a strong basis for supporting my pricing demands.

  • entrepreneur
Are you an entrepreneur willing to sell a business?

SMEs generally sell under their real market value, for lack of a good preparation of the transfer. Fight statistics and get the full reward of your work.

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  • willing-to-purchase
Are you an entrepreneur willing to purchase a business?

The real source for a future business goodwill is where you will improve the current business performances. Check that your reward is worth the business risk.

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  • active-in-business
Are you an advisor active in business transfer?

20% of the European SME owners are older than 60 years. They need professional support to turn their business transfer into a success. Do not miss the opportunity!

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